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I want to acknowledge the designers of all the beautiful artwork you will find throughout the website. 

Simple Pleasure Designs

I absolutely love Jen's designs! She creates beautiful digital content for scrapbooking. I have just about all of her digital scrapbook kits. She is so friendly, fun and helpful and she is even local to Alberta! I love her style. Some of her creations you will find on this website are rustic wooden frames, word art as well as cute embellishments.  Be sure to check her out on facebook as well as her website to see all her creations.



Created the cute heart paw print. They can be found on Etsy.

Small House Big Pony

Created the map of Canada. Can also be found on Etsy.

Waterhouse Graphics

Created the beautiful rustic wood paper found throughout the site as well as on this page. Check them out on Etsy.



LanaElanor can be found on Etsy, She creates beautiful watercolor artwork. She is very talented. You can find a lot of her art throughout every page of this website. All the greenery, line art and watercolor flowers. Her designs helped make this website unique. I also chatted with her a bit and she was quick to respond, helpful and kind. 


The creator of the peonies. WalaPalette draws them by hand! You can find them on Etsy as well. 

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I want to give credit to my main man who has had to put up with a lot of requests from me like adopting a new puppy, and then adopting another puppy, and another, fixing and building fences, building dog houses and dog beds, and even allowing a little poodle to come live IN the house with us (that was a big deal)! He knows how much I love our dogs so he does it joyfully. He is a good man and I am very thankful for all he does. 

My kids! I am so thankful for their huge smiles and excitement every time we have new puppies. I am thankful for every time they get to go snuggle and play with the dogs and puppies. I am thankful for the responsibility it teaches them when they have to help feed, water and take care of them. I am thankful for all the unique  names they come up with. I am thankful for all the puppy show and shares they have at their school so all their friends can cuddle them to and they  can tell them all about each one.  I am thankful for their big hearts!

Thank You's


I am thankful for my friends and family who have been supportive and encouraging. It is not always easy and there can be many hard days and long days.

I also want to Thank my good friend Serenity Wood and her 2 boys Payton & Pryce who help us out when we want to get away. We are usually pretty last minute and very indecisive but her heart is kind and joyful. She is always willing to help out if she is able. 

My mother and father in law who live just across the field. I am always grateful for them. They are always giving and never expecting anything in return and not just for us but for everyone  they are connected to. We have a wonderful example to live up to.  They have come over to fix our fences or check on our pups and have even sat with one of our moms till I could get there while she was in labor. 

I am also thankful for my 2 good friends Megan and Krymsen who inspired me to start on this journey. Both of them are breeders with many years of experience. They have given me so much information and tips it has helped me way more then they will ever know! 

I am so grateful for our puppies families. We have met some incredible people through this journey and stay in touch with many of them. Our puppies are so lucky to have such loving homes. 

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And my number one is my God. I am thankful for his blessing's and wisdom over our family, our farm and these animals.  

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