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Our Dad's

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Rusty is our handsome CKC registered red Golden Retriever. He is a top quality dog who loves his family, is fiercely loyal, protective, quick learner and listens well. He wants to please and loves attention and belly rubs. He is energetic and playful. I can't say enough about how sweet he is and how well he listens oh he is such a good dog. He is a very loved boy!

Rusty comes from incredible lineage and a quality breeder who breeds for Courageous Companions service dogs. 


Rusty has been tested by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals. He has tested normal for Elbow joints and good for his hip joints.

78lbs & 26" tall

Bentley is our CKC registered Bernese Mountain Dog who has healthy bloodlines. He lived with us for a while when he was young but now currently lives with his guardian family just outside of Calgary on a acreage that makes you feel like your in the mountains. They also just so happen to be my Aunt and Uncle. They have 2 boys that love on him daily. Xena one of our moms also lives with them and they also have some horse friends. Bentley is a sweet, quiet boy who loves attention and is super goofy and playful! He gets so excited when anyone comes and pets him that he jumps around in circles. 

Bentley has been tested by PennHip for his hips. Distraction Index (DI): Right DI = 0.20, Left DI = 0.22 which means excellent. He was tested by the Orthopedic Foundation of Animals for his elbows and passed.

Embark genetic panel 

VW - Clear

DM - Carrier

SODM1 - Clear

78.5lbs & 26" tall

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Meet our sweet boy Finny! He is a CKC registered moyen poodle. He is such a sweet boy and we love him dearly. He is affectionate, playful, goofy, cuddly and so smart. He loves playing with the cats and other puppies on the farm.

We are currently looking and praying for a guardian family for him. Send us a email if you would be interested in applying for guardianship. 

Expected weight 20lbs

Embark, heart, eye, and joint testing to be completed

We waited a long time for this sweet poodle. Duke is a moyen poodle that comes from  amazing bloodlines and healthy genetics. Duke has been genetically tested and carries tans, parti & phantom colors. We are really looking forward to seeing what his pups will look like. 

Duke is incredibly smart, playful and cuddly. He is loved dearly by his guardian family who also happen to be our neighbor's and friends. They have 3 kids and they run a large farm. You can often find Duke riding in the semi or tractor with his favorite person.

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Duke has been tested by PennHip for his hips. Distraction Index (DI):Right DI = 0.52, Left DI = 0.43 which means average. He was tested by the Orthopedic Foundation of Animals for his preliminary elbows and scored normal.

CDPA: Clear

CDDY with IVDD: Affected

K locus: KB/ky 

Weighs 20lbs & 17" tall 

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Meet this handsome boy Wilsom. He is a CKC registered English Cream Golden Retriever. He came from a breeder friend out of Ontario and has reputable and healthy bloodlines. He currently lives with friends of ours in Red Deer. They have 3 kids that are home schooled, so they are home with Wilson during the day. He also has a big brother golden retriever who actually is one of our pups from a past litter. Wilson's family can't get over how amazing he is. They love him dearly. 


Wilson has been tested by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals. He completed his preliminary tests. He has tested negative for Elbow Dysplasia and good for his hip joints.  80lbs & 26" tall

Eye, heart and Embark tests pending



This is Ari. He is a large bernese mountain dog. Ari came to us from a breeder who recently retired. Ari lives with a wonderful couple that just happen to be  friends/neighbors of ours. They love him so much! Ari is such a sweet boy with such gentle eyes and demeanor. This is what his family has to say about him. " Ari is the sweetest guy. He is calm and quiet and a bit cautious about new things, but warms up quickly to anyone offering snuggles. His favorite thing is to lay his head in your lap, and he will stay as long as you let him. He is gentle with his cat brothers and loves to nap in the snow. "

OFA Hips - Good

OFA Elbows - Normal

Genetic Test through GenSol

 VW - Clear

DM - Carrier

SOD1B DM- Clear

110 lbs 23' tall

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Chewy is our pure bred red Moyen Poodle who has bloodlines from France, Finland, Canada, Russia and the US as well as a healthy family history. He is actually a bit small for a moyen poodle as most moyen poodles weigh between 20 and 25 lbs. He is playful, very cuddly and affectionate. He is very good and patient with kids, loves to be outside running around with the big dogs, friendly with people and loves to say hi to everyone and always gets lots of attention when we are out. He also acts tough but when it comes down to it he chickens out most of the time. My oldest daughter fell in love with Chewy and she is always spoiling him with treats from the dinner table and lots of belly rubs. Chewy lives with a good family friend in Medicine Hat who spoils him with dog clothes and unlimited love and attention. 


Chewy has been tested by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals. He has tested normal for Elbow joints and good for his hip joints.

18lbs & 17" tall


Chewbacca retired from breeding in 2023. He lives with his guardian family where he will spend the rest of his days being loved and spoiled.

Visit our social media pages to see more pictures of our dogs and their past litters. 

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