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Alberta bound, breeding quality, family friendly Bernese Mountain Dogs, Golden Retriever's, Golden Mountain dogs, Bernedoodle's, Goldendoodle's and Golden Mountain Doodles on our FARM. 


Hi! My name is Victoria and this is my husband Brett and our 4 kiddos. We live on a beautiful piece of land in the hills of the prairies. We are slowly working away at making the house into our dream home. I have been blessed with being able to stay at home with our children. This also allows me to be involved in our Community, School and our Church, as well as look after our dogs & puppies. My husband works full time running a heavy duty mechanic shop as well as works with his father on the family farm. 

We want to make sure our dogs are well taken care of and given the love and attention they need so some of our dogs live with close family and good friends. Dogs in our breeding program have healthy family bloodlines and come from reputable breeders. We strive to breed healthy, happy pups that come from a home where they are well loved and socialized. Our dogs spend their time chewing on raw bones, running around the farm, trying to catch gophers (not usually succeeding), exploring and playing with the kids and each other. Our kids are all very involved in the raising of our dogs, feeding, training and puppy cuddlying. Having these animals has taught our children so much and given them a good understanding of responsibility and respect.


People often ask how we chose what type of dogs to breed and actually it all started with a Golden Retriever. I have always loved them so much! They have an amazing personality, are so beautiful and are truly the perfect dog for a family. I came across the Bernese Mountain Dog when I was doing research to find what were the best family dogs, because I wanted to breed dogs that were good with kids. I had never seen a Bernese before! I know crazy right?! I instantly fell in love with how beautiful they were! As I learned more about them I knew that this was going to be the other type  of

IMG_8334 (2).JPG

dog we would add to our breeding program. Since then I have fallen in love with this breed and will not live life without one. We also started out not realizing how much we needed to learn and of course as it always goes sometimes we had to learn the hard way. I am glad we started on this journey and even though it can be total chaos at times we love it and I couldn't imagine life without all these beautiful










 fur babies! We then added the doodles to the program because we found a lot of families really love  the personalities and looks of the big pure breds but can't handle the hair, dander and size. It has been fun to have a variety of different puppies.


We are an honest family who always try to do the right thing. We love Jesus Christ and do our best to show that love to everyone around us. We get really excited when we get the opportunity to bless another family with one of our puppies! We have met some amazing people through this journey and still stay in touch with a lot of our fur baby families.

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