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Image by Corinne Kutz


Caitlyn Millar

I am so grateful for Vicky and Prairie Willow Dogs. I stumbled upon their name randomly, looking for a breeder that I felt truly cared about their dogs and had similar values as myself. I was over the moon to find out they raised their dogs on a beautiful acreage and that their dogs were part of the family.


Since day one of my request for more information, Vicky has been extremely responsive, professional, warm, welcoming, and exactly the type of person you would want to stay connected with over the years.


Looch, a Golden Mountain pup who joined our family in the fall of 2019, has been the most amazing addition. She is extremely intelligent, athletic, easy to train, full of love for people, toys, and fetch, and gentle with all children. She has won the hearts of all the people she’s met along the way. I can see the awesome qualities of her parents, Rusty and Lacey, in her as she grows up.


It is clear Vicky uses high quality dogs to produce the best pups. I cannot wait to add a fur sibling to our family in the coming years and will, without a doubt, wait for the perfect fit from Prairie Willow Dogs. Thank you Vicky!!




from our puppy families

Image by Jazmin Quaynor

Our experience with Prairie Willow was nothing short of exceptional.  


While we fall into the ‘COVID puppy’ group based on timing - we spent 5 years from the passing of our last dog to add to the family again - so it was not impulsive. Once we decided on a Berner, we did a lot of research before applying for a pup from Prairie Willow. 


When we learned that we would get a puppy from Bentley and Xena’s litter we were ecstatic.  Vicky worked with us on prep and was unbelievable at keeping us up to speed on the litters progress with regular updates and photos. 


When we had the opportunity to meet the pups a week or so before pick-up, it was clear that they were loved, well socialized and integrated into their family from the time they were born.  


To give a sense of how important family and the puppies are, we planned our pickup so that our similar aged children could play while also leaving with our handsome Jetson. 


If you are looking for one of the puppies that Prairie Willow breeds - we highly recommend them.


Lisa Beddis

Bernese Mountain Dog


Golden Mountain Dog


See more pictures of Kendall

" My husband and I hunted high and low for breeders. Searching for one that we would connect with. Someone who would answer our questions and actually love the puppy as their own before they were sent to their new families. We actually came across Vicky through my friend. We looked up her website and immediately fell in love for what she believed in and how she loved her animals and the way they were treated. We got our puppy Kendall in May (I know I know during the pandemic!), she was not planned for May. In fact, we were on a wait list for the year after. Vicky emailed us on a Friday saying there was one more puppy, she reviewed our application and found us to be the perfect match in what we were looking for. We drove out that Sunday, and came home with Kendall - Golden Retriever. 


We still, to this date, keep in touch with Vicky. We love that she created a WhatsApp group for all the puppies in that litter and herself to be sharing their journeys, tips and tricks and just celebrating milestones. We also love that she still genuinely cares about our puppies! 


If you’re looking for a breeder that will treat you like family, Vicky is your person. Authentic. Kind. Genuine. 


A little info about our pup: Kendall. We love that Vicky ran testing personalities on them to find their temperament as it truly eased us. Kendall is sweet, playful, sometimes a little rebellious when it comes to chasing leaves, loving and super intelligent. 


We know in a few years, we will be adding another dog to our family, and we will go with no one else but Vicky! Can’t wait for Kendall to have a brother! 


Thank you Vicky! For your unwavering support to this first time dog mom. For not judging me when I freaked out over what I thought was a big deal. Your encouragement and support is so valuable and we couldn’t have found anyone better. "

Dan & Priscilla

Image by Jazmin Quaynor

We found Vicky through Instagram and so were a little nervous about her not having been recommended to us but we were immediately put at ease when she provided loads of information about the pups, the parents and her waitlist.  We appreciated that she connected all of the parents and kept us up to date with the pups as often as possible and provided recommendations for preparing for our puppy coming home.  It was important for us to meet the parents and we are so thankful to Vicky for opening her home for us to meet not only the parents and puppies but many of her other dogs - her kids and dogs were so welcoming and loving!  Be sure to expect lots of kisses from Rusty! Vicky has been such a great support to us through the puppy raising challenges and it’s been so special to have an ongoing community of siblings to compare notes with and get advice and even meet up for puppy playdates!  If we had room for another we would definitely go back to Vicky for another!  


Danielle Southern


Home Decor

I’ve been in love with Bernese mountain dogs since we added one to our family 10 years ago. After we lost Kesler we were searching for a new puppy to love and came across Prairie Willow. I knew right away that this would be a perfect match after learning more about Vicky and her family, their values and how much they love their dogs. Vicky‘s communication through the WhatsApp Group chat so wonderful.  We loved watching the puppies grow until they were ready to go to their forever homes.  We have had Jasper home now for three months and are so in love with him! He is the sweetest natured and loveable puppy.  We plan to add another Bernese to our family in the next couple years and will definitely be staying in touch with Prairie Willow.


Lori Gidon


Bernese Mountain Dog


Prairie Willow Dogs not only met our expectations but blew them out of the water! We had been discussing getting a dog for quite some time and finally settled on a golden retriever. After researching multiple breeders we came across Praire Willow and loved they way they ran their family business. Vicky was great with sending updates especially during a pandemic! She has continued to keep in touch by providing tips and tricks with training which has been super helpful. The puppies are treated the best way possible with a safe place to grow up! Salo has brought such joy to our lives! He has an amazing temperament and great personality. He loves to play fetch, swim and of course  belly rubs! We don’t know what we would do with out him! We would recommend anyone get their next puppy from Prairie Willow as you will not be disappointed!

Theodore Zubot                               MEET SALO


more to come....

Lilies of the Valley
Green Leaf

We got on the Vicky's waitlist for golden puppies and it was one of the best decisions we've made . Vicky worked hard to match us with one that would fit our lifestyle and needs, and we could not be happier with Mirko! We wanted a smart, gentle mannered,  physically strong dog with high recall and trainability. Mirko helps us with carrying the groceries, getting the mail, walking our senior dog (by holding onto her leash), and much more. Our vet has also recommended us to have him certified as a therapeutic animal in healthcare facilities because of his amazing temperament (and of course his handsomeness)! Mirko also enjoys swimming, playing hide and seek, and cuddling with his human mom when she is trying to work out. Thank you Vicky for our furry bestfriend and your ongoing support!


Wendy Law

“Vicky is absolutely amazing. She is always available for questions and advice as needed. We had to pick up our sweet puppy, Mac, a little later than everyone else due to gaining possession on our new home, and she was so accommodating and fantastic. She sent videos and photos to update us on how Mac was doing and provided updates along the way. When we went out to their home to pick our puppy, she was so great and helpful when we were choosing the right pup for us. Mac is the sweetest boy, so loving and independent. We are so happy with our puppy and the process. Vicky made it so easy and so much fun. We would definitely recommend Prairie Willow Dogs to anyone and will be adopting another Berner from Vicky one day soon, I’m sure ️”


Stacey Canavan


Bernese Mountain Dog


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