Upcoming Litters

All our waiting lists are open and we are accepting applications for our 2023 litters. Please read through this page carefully as well as the "adopt a puppy" page before filling out and sending us an application form. Information on our prices can be found under the "puppies" drop down menu. 

Bentley & Nahanni - Golden Mountain Dogs

Expected to weigh 50-100lbs

Born Nov 10, 2022

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Bernese Mountain Pups

Expected to weigh 80-120bs

Expected after Christmas

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Our plan for 2023

Plans change keep checking back and

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on new litters.


*Mini Bernedoodle Pups Early 2023

Tri, black and white, parti

*Bernese Mountain Pups Early 2023 


*Golden Retriever Pups Early 2023

Red 50-90lbs

*Mini Goldendoodle Pups Early 2023

Cream/tan with white markings

*Golden Mountain Pups Spring/Summer

Black, white and brown colors 50-90lbs

*Golden Retriever Pups Spring/Summer

White colors 50-90lbs