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Upcoming Litters

All our waiting lists are open and we are accepting applications for our 2023 litters. Please read through this page carefully as well as the "adopt a puppy" page before filling out and sending us an application form. Information on our prices can be found under the "puppies" drop down menu. 

English Cream Golden Retriever Pups

Expected to weigh 75-90lbs

Jan 2025

Waiting List FULL


Ultra Bernedoodle Pups

Expected to weigh 40-90lbs

Fall 2024

Accepting Applications

Copy of Daphne_20240416_120309_0000.png


Copy of Daphne_20240416_115509_0000.png

Our plan for 2024

Plans change keep checking back and

follow us on Instagram or Facebook for updates

on new litters.


*Ultra Bernedoodle Fall 2024

A bernedoodle crossed back to a Bernese Mountain Dog. This will result in a bulkier looking bernedoodle with less poodle features. A percentage of this litter will be unfurnished and shed a little more then a F1 doodle. The plus of this mix is you will have more of a pure bred bernese looking doodle with the perks of having a longer and healthier life span. 

Waiting list is OPEN for this litter

*Bernese Mountain Pups Fall 2024

50-110lbs Waiting list OPEN 

*Golden Retriever Pups Early 2025

Red 600-85lbs

Waiting list is OPEN 

*Mini F1 Goldendoodle Pups Early 2025

Red with white abstract 25-45lbs

Waiting list is OPEN 

*Mini Bernedoodle Pups Early 2025

Tri  25-65lbs Waiting list OPEN 

*Bernese Mountain Pups Spring/Summer 2025

50-110lbs Waiting list OPEN 

*Golden Mountain Pups Summer/Fall 2025

Tri  70-110lbs Wait List OPEN

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