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For each litter we have a waiting list of families whose application has been approved. Families on the wait list will receive 1st notification on the birth of a litter & will have 24 hours to let us know they are interested and 36 hours to make the reservation fee to hold their place in line for puppy selection. If the deposit is not made within the 36 hours we open that spot up to the next family in line on the waiting list. First and second pick of the litter are always reserved for our breeding program, other breeders or a family in need of a therapy or service dog.

Puppy selection begins after the pups have been evaluated using the "BAB Way" method. This happens on day 52. Families who made a deposit sooner will get priority in choosing a puppy. For example Family A made a deposit in January and family B made a deposit in March. Family A will get to choose before family B. We try to make this process as fair as possible for the families involved & will make every effort to find the ideal puppy for your family. In the event that we are unable to find the perfect fit based on color, sex, or personality, your deposit can be transferred to any of our future litters.  Reservation fee's will not be refunded in this situation. 

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