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Our mom's

Visit our Instagram page to see more pictures of our mom's!

Meet our sweet Daphne. She is a F1b bernedoodle so she is 75% poodle and 25% Bernese. She has the furnishing gene so her pups will be less likely to shed. She has dark copper points and non fading bloodlines so there should be no fading in her pups colors depending on the stud she is paired with. She is a super smart girl, easily adaptable, cuddly, and is playful and energetic. She is living with a guardian family in Springbrook who have 5 kids. We look forward to her future pups! 

45lbs & 20" Tall

Embark Tested

Pennhip & OFA testing being completed soon




Timber is a CKC registered Bernese Mountain dog. She came to us recently from another breeder who was retiring. She has been a lovely addition to our farm. She has healthy bloodlines. We look forward to her future litters. Timber is a sweet, playful girl who enjoys being by our side and fallowing us wherever we go.

Weighs 75lbs & 22" tall

PennHip hips

OFA elbows

Genetic Test through GenSol

 VW - Clear

DM - Carrier

SOD1B DM- Clear

Website photo's - Page 001_edited.jpg

Dottie is a CKC registered English cream golden retriever.  I flew all the way to Ontario to pick up this little sweety from a reputable breeder. She comes from incredible bloodlines. She was the biggest girl in the litter, has a beautiful white coat with cream markings throughout. She is a stunning dog. Dottie will be a great addition to our retriever program. Dottie lives with a kind hearted, Jesus loving young lady in Airdrie, AB with her family and one of our bernese pups from a previous litter. Her names means "gift from God" She is loved dearly! Dottie is confident, adaptable, smart, cuddly and playful. 

Weighs 75lbs & 22" tall

PennHip hips -Right DI = 0.57, Left DI = 0.54.

OFA elbows

Website photo's - Page 002 (3).jpg

Weighs 50lbs & 20" tall

Preliminary OFA Elbows - Negative

Pennhip Results - Right DI =0.49, Left DI =0.58 which is average. We will only be pairing her with a male who has good/excellent results.

Selah pronounced Say-la is a CKC registered Bernese Mountain Dog. Her name means "to pause and reflect on the goodness of God and give him praise." Her name can be found 74 times in the bible. She comes from our very own Bentley & Willow. She is apart of our Bernedoodle program. Selah is such a sweet girl, she is cuddly, smart and is loving life with her guardian family in Cochrane. Alicia who is a friend of mine and my aunts (who also has Xena and Bentley) is her guardian family. She is so fun, kind and loves Jesus with her whole heart. We are so blessed to have such an amazing family for Selah to grow up in. She is loved dearly. 





Weighs 53lbs & 21" tall

PennHip Results: Right Di=0.35, Left Di = 0.44 this means her hips are really good. Nahanni was tested through OFA for her elbows. Her preliminary results were negative for elbow dysplasia.

Nahanni is a CKC registered Golden Retriever and is half sisters with Araina. Nahanni lives with her guardian family on a acreage near Linden,AB. Her guardian family is a wonderful retired couple who love her dearly and also love the Lord. Their grandchildren who are also good friends with our kid's and often have her over for sleepover's.

Nahanni's name is a unique one chosen by her guardian family. It means adventure and wilderness. It is also a place in Northern Canada which is one of the finest representations of natural beauty in Canada. Now you need to google it. :) 

Nahanni has a very sweet, calm, quiet and gentle temperament. She is playful and cuddly and is stunningly beautiful with her bright white coat. 


Willow has been tested through PennHip for her hips and scored Right DI = 0.35, Left DI = 0.39 which is excellent.

Embark Tested 

DM - Clear

Von Willebrand - Clear

Weighs 56lbs & 20" tall

Willow is a CKC registered Bernese Mountain Dog. I searched high and low for this sweet pup. I flew all the way to Ontario to get her from a very reputable breeder with good healthy bloodlines. Willow has such a sweet personality. She is the ultimate hugger she leans right into you like she is hugging you back it makes your heart just melt. She is of course playful, loyal and a bit stubborn at times. Willow thrives when she is by our side getting lots of attention. She is the smallest of our Berners. Willow is also a amazing mom who is so gentle and sweet with her pups but also keeps them in line. I have no worries with her.

Ginger is a CKC registered Golden Retriever. She comes from the same breeder as Rusty just different bloodlines. She is a smart, energetic, and a playful pup. She bounces off the walls with energy and loves wrestling with the other dogs on the farm. We enjoy her so much and love her cuddles. She will stuff her face into your lap like she is giving us a hug. She is tall and has slender features. She is also very smart and athletic. Ginger lives with a good friend and her family of  7! They live in a small town not far from here, they love the Lord passionately, and are home schoolers so Ginger is rarely left alone and is always surrounded by kids who love on her.


Website photo's - Page 006_edited.jpg

Weighs 65lbs & 22" tall

PennHip Results: Right Di=0.35, Left Di = 0.32 this means her hips are excellent. Ginger was tested through OFA for her elbows. Her preliminary results were negative for elbow dysplasia.


Maple is a CKC registered golden retriever. She has reputable bloodlines and comes from our very own Rusty & Ginger. Maple is a sweet, playful girl who enjoys being by our side. She is so affectionate and cuddly. Maple is living with my brother & sister in law and their 2 young kids not far away. We often have her when they go on holiday's. We look forward to her future litters.

Expected weight 65lbs

Penn hip & OFA testing to be completed


Mabel Mae

Coming soon!!!

Website photo's - Page 007_edited.jpg

Penny has been tested by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals. She has tested normal for Elbow joints and good for her hip joints.

45lbs & 22" tall


Penny is a Golden Retriever and is such a calm, sweet, gentle, quiet girl. She has a very nice soft personality and is very good around the kids. Penny has a beautiful red coat and delicate features and is by far our smallest Golden Retriever. Penny is a very good mom and handles it all with grace. Penny lives with a good friend and 5 kiddos. They are also the family that takes care of our dogs when we are away. They fell in love with her right away once they met her. Everyone she meets are amazed by how perfect and sweet she is. 

Penny has had no service or therapy training but her guardian mom recently had a episode and Penny grabbed her to make sure she lied down and did not leave her side till she felt better. She is pretty special!

Penny has offically retired!! She had 3 litters with us and was a incredible mom. We have been so blessed and so have many families that adopted her pups.



Website photo 1 - Page 032.jpg

Lacey is our sweet, sensitive, affectionate Bernese Mountain Dog. She thrives off cuddles and attention. She is good at listening, is a people pleaser, calm and loyal. She loves being by our side. In the winter you can often find her buried in a straw bale or sleeping in our porch. Lacey likes to open doors especially when she is scared of something she always makes her way into the house. She seems to forget to shut the door after she opens it though. We love this little sweety so much! She is a good mom and is very careful, affectonate and clean with her puppies. Lacey will be moving in with my dad on his acreage to live out the rest of her days being spoiled by the many treats he likes to give her. We will get to have her lots when he holidays in Arizona over the winter. 


85lbs & 26" tall


Website photo's - Page 003_edited.jpg

Maddie is our gorgeous AKC Registered Bernese Mountain Dog. She was the CUTEST puppy!!! She is gentle, energetic, playful and fun. Loves attention and any time she can spend with us she will. Always by our side, loyal, sweet, gentle and affectionate.  She loves getting her picture taken so I have so many good photos of her. She is a incredible mom to her puppies. So protective that she wont let any other dog near. She will adopt any puppy that is given to her. She is so sweet and gentle. We are so proud of her and love her to pieces!

Maddie has retired and will live out her days on our farm.


80lbs & 23" tall


Website photo 1 - Page 031.jpg

Our gorgeous CKC Registered English Cream Golden Retriever Araina. She has European bloodlines as well as Champion lineage and is a healthy active dog. She is playful, affectionate, and sensitive to others around her. She is also a great mom and very gentle with kids and smaller dogs. She is also the boss and head of the pack around here. She has a beautiful white coat that often gets very dirty because she likes mud and if there is a puddle nearby she will find it. Rayna is very sensitive to the other dogs and puppies and will often cry when she smells the other dams puppies. Araina has retired on our farm.



Araina has been tested by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals. She has tested normal for Elbow joints and good for her hip joints.
66lbs & 22" tall


Website photo's - Page 002 (4).jpg

Xena is in Heaven and is dearly missed.

Xena is our largest female Bernese Mountain Dog. She lives with my Uncle and Aunt and their 2 boys as well as our stud Bentley on a beautiful acreage close to Calgary and the mountains.  She is smart, a quick learner and very responsive, affectionate, playful and especially loves the snow. She makes a great watch dog and has a beautiful deep loud bark. Xena gets along great with all our other dogs and animals. She is a great mom and is so sweet with them, protective and nurturing. Xena also gets along and helps care for the other dams puppies. We just love how well they co parent together. 

110lbs & 27" tall


Photo's of their previous litters...

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